[People’s Democracy Party Report 205 – In front of the White House, United States] Highly valuing the results of the summit talks, we urge the quick implementation of the summit.

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[People’s Democracy Party Report 205]

Highly valuing the results of the summit talks, we urge the quick implementation of the summit.

– Comments of the People’s Democracy Party on June 12th summit and Joint statement between North Corea and the U.S.

The first, historic summit between North Corea and the U.S was held and the joint statement was issued on June 12th, at the Capella hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

1. Our Party is highly valuing that the June 12th summit attained in a satisfactory way the strategic choice for the peace and stability on the Corean peninsula. Clearly, nobody can say that it was not a historic splendid achievement to open a new higher phase of improving the North Corea-U.S. relations and establishing the lasting and stable peace on the Corean peninsula. It was a greatly impressive result – the creation of the international environment necessary in order to fulfil the Panmunjom Declaration agreed on April 27th at the inter-Corean summit meeting.

2. The 2-points task, normalization of relations and building a permanent and stable peace regime on the Corean peninsula, is a key to the issues between North Corea and the U.S., that is accurately represented in the paragraph 1 and 2 of this joint statement.

Reconfirming the will to fulfil the Panmunjom Declaration, especially in the paragraph 3 and overall in the joint statement, it points out the necessity to arrange the international environment necessary in order to fulfil the Panmunjom Declaration, so it is greatly positive.

Further, at the end of the joint statement, it appears that it is expected to resolve the concrete questions agreed in the summit talks step by step, unlike in the past, through continuous high-level talks.

3. Hence, as follows, our party urges specific measures to be taken rapidly, with emphasizing the principles which should be adhered to in this process.

1) We determine our nation’s destiny on our own accord. We recall that the foreign power, United States, is the main party responsible for the division of our nation and the Corean War, as well as it has been the root of numerous problems occurred in South Corea. The imperialist U.S. must stay out of Corean Peninsula fastest. All talks between North Corea and the U.S. must go forward in the direction of national self-determination and national independence.

2) Actions, not words, are important, and the actions should be specific, practical and accelerating. Because this joint declaration of the leaders of North Corea and the U.S. was a result of hard and serious mutual work and was announced in front of the whole world, its implementation should be progressing steadily and as fast as possible. We are confident that it is expressing the mutual will and an impartial demand of our nation, of the U.S. people and, furthermore, of the whole mankind.

3) The U.S. must permanently end the U.S.-South Corea joint military exercises without any preconditions.

The U.S. must stop the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian and other war drills against North Corea, not attaching any condition to it (such as “ending the exercises depends on productive negotiations with North Corea” ), and they have to be ended immediately as well as this measure must be a permanent one.

As North Corea already blew up and shut down its nuclear test site unconditionally, it is the time for the U.S. to take a similarly bold step.

In addition, the U.S. must withdraw all its troops stationed in South Corea and take a measure to close its military bases immediately and permanently, without any preconditions as well.

We confirm that, in this process, North Corea will take proper phased simultaneous-measures at the right time, corresponding with the measures taken by the U.S..

4) The U.S. must cease to control and incite pro-American and pro-division reactionary evil forces in South Corea who defy the Panmunjom Declaration. The reactionary pro-American and pro-division evil forces who are following the US, including Liberty Korea Party , have madly repeated their anti-national, anti-reunification and anti-democratic misdeeds at every turn of time since division of our country. The U.S. must keep in mind that it could spoil things in a fatal way if it uses foolish “good cop-bad cop” tactics when it asks to join hands with North Corea while at the same time ruling its puppets who are provoking North Corea.

5) Through implementing the Panmunjom Declaration rapidly and thoroughly, Moon Jae-In government must carry out its political responsibility entrusted to it by history at the time of turn of destiny of our people towards peace and reunification. It must definitively take determined measures without being swayed by reactionaries of the time and evil forces of the world such as Liberty Korea Party and Bareunmirae Party which are on the brink of dissolution after they were already judged by public opinion at an election on June 13th.

Highly valuing the historic June 12th North Corea-U.S. summit and North Corea-U.S. Joint Declaration, we strongly urge the specific measures to be implemented quickly.

June 14th, 2018, In front of the Capella Hotel, Singapore

In front of the White House, United States

Spokesperson Office of People’s Democracy Party (PDP)